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sandblasted window


sun room granby road edinburgh | a homage to leafs trees and wood | a single

storey larch sun room sits within established mature garden ground linked to an

edwardian villa incorporating three relating glassworks

sandblasted window


glass panel sandblasted glass with a leaf motif allows the client to look out but

prevents any passer by peering in and so provides complete privacy whilst

bringing light into the building


sandblasted window


glass panel | the leaf motif is sandblasted and repeated on both sides of the glass

certain leaves remain clear enabling the client to still enjoy the outside view

cast glass window


glass installation | a panel made up of individually solid glass tiles inserted as an

inside / outside dividing wall | the panel serves two purposes | it allows light into 

the building during the day and by incorporating fibre optics becomes a light

installation when the daylight fades

cast glass window


a leaf motif was included into the glass tiles as a reminder of the cherry trees that

had once been in the garden | daytime a line of falling leaves can be seen slowly

floating suspended in their movement

cast glass window


evening time the illuminated column emphasizes edges and small bubbles which

sparkle with light